How to Write a “Lasting Impression” Executive Summary

Writing a killer executive summary Writing a compelling executive summary is key to making a great first impression among your strategic partners and investors. It is essential to clearly and concisely highlight your company’s purpose and business model. So the question is, how do you capture your readers’ interest, all without exceeding 2 pages?

After a quick read through your executive summary, your reader should have a clear idea of how your business works, a general understanding of your market and a strong conviction that you will succeed. It is not easy squeezing everything into a two-pager. This is why SociaLab has come up with a blueprint to help you sharpen your proposal content:

Company description: Include the nature of your business and your mission: what do you do and why do you do it? Assume the reader is not familiar with your industry.

Differentiators: Display your key strengths, show how your product/service fits competitively in its market and what impact you are aiming to achieve.

Our product and approach: Describe your product and your proposed solution. It is a good idea to list the risks you face and explain how you plan on mitigating them.

Target market: Showcase your market analysis and your thorough understanding of the industry. Here too, explain how your product/service will answer to the needs of your target market.

Value proposition: Describe your Unique Selling Proposition. What benefits do you provide? To who? How do you do that differently than your competitors? (For more on our suggestions for a VP framework, click here.)

Contact information: Be sure to include your contact information to make it easy for your readers to get in contact with you.

We have also provided our in-house designed template, which has been proven effective and successful for our clients. Click on the link below for a free download.

SL Executive Summary Template SL Executive Summary Template

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Author: Brad Michaels

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