Our Expertise

SociaLab is flexible, responsive and agile.

We help organizational leaders by:

  • Taking on new initiatives from concept all the way to reality
  • Creating social value for existing ventures
  • Maximizing success through sharpened strategies and building strategic relationships
  • Leveraging our high-value contacts for business development, partnerships and financing

Our Purpose & Strategy

By increasing the social impact of leading organizations Рfor profit and nonprofit  Рwe can drive significant improvements in Quality of Life, and a better future for humankind.


To generate success, SociaLab focuses on implementation: planning, executing, scaling, sustaining.


Our “special sauce” is to:

  • Go deep with a select set of leading organizations, with our solutions and resources.
  • Laser-focus on achieving clients’ critical milestones
  • Engage for the long term, working as an extension of our clients’ team

Our business solutions generate Social Value and revenue, as shown by this graphic.