About Us

SociaLab was launched by Brad Michaels in 2000 from an incubator at Edinburgh University (UK).

We first began working with financial and other companies taking on e-business strategies and social responsibility initiatives. We moved to Italy in 2003 to work with leading companies there (like FIAT) to benchmark best practices on social performance. We have been based in San Francisco since 2005, working with socially oriented start-ups, major companies, and enterprising non-profits.

“My personal by-line is: “bringing impact”. I most enjoy working with entrepreneurs, globally, and working across cultures for shared experience. I get motivated by collaborating with a community of people who commit their energies to making the world a better place.”
– Brad Michaels, CEO SociaLab

Brad Michaels’ vision focuses on launching ventures that help real people in real communities.

Brad Michaels (1)With a 30-year history of improving the management and financing of startups and nonprofits, Brad built a reputable track-record, working with leading organizations, ranging from UBS Financial to the UN and World Bank, along with startups and nonprofits. 

Brad specializes in the health sector and in business acceleration, with a focus on assuring the success of early social ventures. As the founder of SociaLab, Brad has helped launch and secure financing for a range of social ventures, including: an online platform to connect cancer patients, globally; carbon offsets for small businesses; online fundraising; mobile health technologies; payment solutions for low-income people without bank accounts; “green” agriculture products as well as clean tech initiatives, to name a few.

Having worked in over 20 countries (including 5 years in Africa and 6 years in Europe), Brad has led numerous health and humanitarian teams into war-torn communities like Sudan, Somalia and Sri Lanka, and disaster zones like Indonesia and Nicaragua. He currently serves on NESsT’s Investment Committee and helps vet the organizations that will receive investments and grants. Brad is also a member of the Social Venture Network, Mentor Capital Network, and the American Sustainable Business Council.

Brad has an MPH from Columbia University and an MBA from Edinburgh University.