SociaLab helps launch Esperity to help improve patients’ lives

esperity_logoThe healthcare industry has been seeking ways to better engage patients for some time now. Recent evidence has finally shown what many had intuitively assumed: that “patient engagement” not only leads to better patient outcomes, but also to lower costs, thereby benefiting all key players in the healthcare system: patients, providers and payers.

The massive business trend toward “customer centricity” also supports this new focus on patients as customers. Today, leading business models in healthcare revolve around “patient centricity”, which is, and at its core, patient engagement.

Being involved in numerous leading edge projects in healthcare, SociaLab has been working to leverage various industry changes to bring about new solutions that deliver high social value in healthcare and other sectors.

And this is where Esperity comes in: A Belgian-based company with a global online platform for cancer patients, survivors and caregivers. Their mission is to improve the lives of people with cancer [and other major diseases] by providing the tools needed to connect with one another, and manage their own health.

Esperity also provides solutions for hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and insurers with tools that optimize patient empowerment.

The platform is available in 8 different languages, giving the opportunity for anyone to share their experiences and learn from other, from the four corners of the earth. It is specifically this sense of connectedness paired with the empowerment from taking control of one’s life, which leads to higher patient satisfaction. That in turn leads to higher patient outcomes. To read more about Esperity, please visit their website here.

Since February 2015, SociaLab has worked with Esperity to help them launch and scale, particularly in the US. By leveraging our extensive network, we have been working towards securing Esperity’s first key US clients, investors, and strategic partners. SociaLab is also building up Esperity’s US corporate infrastructure, including a US-based team along with US-based advisors and investors.

Through this partnership, SociaLab has found a tangible way to leverage technology to “engage patients” in ways that directly improves peoples’ lives.

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Author: Brad Michaels

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