Our Solutions

Working like a management consulting firm, we support Mission-driven companies and organizations by providing:

  • Business Planning & Strategy
  • Business Development & Acceleration
  • Technology
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Social Ventures
  • Lean Startup
  • Project Management

Our Client Focus

  • Startups: Ramp up & succeed past their early strategic & resource challenges
  • Global companies: Build greater social impact in tandem with their business purpose
  • Nonprofits: Generate their own income, expand their services & improve their effectiveness



Global Companies



Our Recent success stories that improved social impact and revenue streams:

  • Provided the strategy for a $100 million investment fund by identifying key components, strategic partners and external specialists required.
  • Oversaw the Masterplan for delivery of local investment and business support to 3 million (majority female) entrepreneurs across Pakistan, Peru, and Vietnam.
  • Approved the co-financing for community-level entrepreneurs delivering safe water piped to the homes of 1 million people in Cambodia.