Our Solutions

Working like a management consulting firm, we focus on supporting companies and organizations with social benefit through:

  • Innovation
  • Green/responsible business
  • Technology
  • Healthcare
  • International initiatives
  • Business acceleration

Our Client Focus

  • Startups: Ramp up & succeed past their early strategic & resource challenges
  • Global companies: Build greater social impact in tandem with their business purpose
  • Nonprofits: Generate their own income, expand their services & improve their effectiveness



Global Companies



Most recent success stories: innovative initiatives that improved social impact and revenue streams, including:

  • Identified and piloted a technology solution for an enterprising health clinic that enables their health workers to seamlessly communicate with patients and with each other in order to respond to patient needs as they occur. [Zero Divide & Asian Americans for Community Involvement]
  • Built US regional presence for health tech startup company that connects people who have cancer; provide strategic direction and business development to secure key partnerships and financing. [Esperity]
  • Provided business development support to the UBS Impact Investing Group to form more productive strategic business relationships and provide greater visibility.
  • Helped launch an Innovation Hub that leads innovation across the organization and launches pilots with health tech companies, such as “video visits” on tablets sent home with patients. I also strengthened their Strategic Planning framework, and trained staff to utilize a new enterprise-wide Project Management system. (Petaluma Health Center)
  • Secured the first customer plus valuable strategic partnerships for an online fundraising company (Givkwik.com)
  • Built West Coast regional presence for environmental startup company, and secured strategic partnerships and affiliate marketing relationships, including SF Department of the Environment and Sustainable Industries (befootprintfree.com)
  • Secured financing vehicle for a marketing company because of founder’s relationship with leadership of local banks (leftbraindga.com).
  • Advised a startup software company on securing investors and on their IP strategy, (OneRoof.com)
  • Member of a SWAT team convened by to develop a locally coordinated, long-term response to the recent earthquake in Haiti (Rockefeller Foundation).
  • Helped a global social enterprise to create an investment fund; serve on their Investment committee to assess which enterprises they should invest in (NESsT.org)