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SociaLab is Partnering with Givkwik for “Giving Tuesday”


It’s officially #GivingTuesday! Go to our partner, Givkwik’s website to help decide which nonprofits get donations from SociaLab and other socially-minded companies.

SociaLab is working with Givkwik to help make giving easier than ever.

Givkwik’s GivingTuesday campaign shows how easy and efficient online giving can be. Through these campaigns, companies – like SociaLab – connect with online communities by letting the crowd vote on which charities get their donations.

Join with SociaLab and Givkwik, as we make online giving to be about connecting.

Check it out at: https://givkwik.com/GivingTuesday

Who Cares About the “Social Cost” of Pollution?

Determining the “social cost” here means putting a dollar amount to the burden that results from pollution, such as greenhouses gases. The social cost of carbon can even be used to calculate the real environmental cost of household appliances that have varying levels of efficiency. The Obama administration is making a second attempt to institute… Read More