About Us

Brad Michaels achieves his vision by launching ventures that help people who have been marginalized.

Expertise and Achievements

  • 30-years’ experience in over 25 countries across Asia and Latin America & Caribbean, including 6 years in Europe and 5 years in Africa.
  • Expertise in scaling access to finance and business training, and to safe water and health care to millions of people.
  • Driving achievement of Social Development Goals by launching initiatives, building strategic partnerships, and overseeing business planning and investment in Social Ventures.
  • Skilled in managing implementation with diverse global teams in challenging environments that require continuously devising new solutions for achieving the Masterplan.
  • Track record with organizations ranging from RSF Social Finance to startup companies, to CARE International, the UN & World Bank.
  • Masters degrees in Business Administration and in Public Health

International Work Experience


Comoros Islands, Ethiopia, Kenya (3 years), Malawi (2 years), Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Tanzania


Chile, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guyana, Jamaica, México, Nicaragua, Perú


Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam


Italy (3 years), Scotland (3 years)