Two steps to writing value proposition like a champ!

Having a groundbreaking or world-changing product is one thing. Being able to convey that idea to interested parties is another.

To help you come up with convincing content, SociaLab suggests you develop two steps to clarify and promote your value proposition (VP):

A pitch statement

A 1-page summary

1. Your pitch statement:

When developing the pitch statement of your value proposition, it is ideal to start by asking yourself questions like: why would a client want to choose your product/service over your competitors? What is it that you exclusively provide to clients, that competitors cannot? What added value can you offer to your clients that will motivate them to choose your product or service over others?

Powerfully conveying your Unique Selling Proposition is a primordial element to success. It is therefore important to formulate your value proposition (VP) in a way that can be read and understood easily.

Think of adopting the following guidelines:

– By line: a memorable catch phrase

– Blurb: 3 sentences maximum

A standard value proposition model can therefore look like this:


“For the [target customer/segment] who [need or opportunity -problem], the [product name or category] provides [key benefit -solution]”.


We help X do Y by doing Z


Some examples of some great value propositions:

Social Venture Network: “SVN is a community of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs working together to create transformational innovation, growth and impact”.

NESsT: NESsT develops sustainable social enterprises that solve critical social problems in emerging market economies.

Genesys Works: Genesys Works changes the life trajectory of underprivileged high school students by enabling them to work in meaningful internships, at major corporations, during their senior year in high school.


2. Your 1-page summary:

Your 1-pager will be the supporting document that describes your value proposition. The format will simply look like this:

– What is it:

– Why you need it:

– What it does:

– How it works:

– How you can use it/what you need to do to use it:

– What we offer you:

– About us:

a. Our mission

b. Founder’s story


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Author: Brad Michaels

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